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SMS type of posting is not allowed.*added
SuperNoob wrote:
kaya lang naman "gnun mg txt" dahil limited lang ang mga characters per sms eh..
sa mga forums, kahit gaano kahaba pwede... kaya hindi na kailangan i-shortcut at alisin mga vowels kapag nag popost..

Cheers to all.. :D
-do avoid posting in SMS form to avoid misunderstanding.
-refrain from excessive usage of omg,wtf, bbq and such as well.

*Respect everyone. Be polite to others.
- be respectful in tone:
- Do not yell, i.e. type in all caps.
- Once is enough. Don't post the exact same message multiple times.
- Spamming smilies is unnecessary(Except in the SPAM area). Nobody needs to see 99 smilies in a post. One or two will suffice. :D
- No hoax please. Only post legitimate stuff.
- You are allowed to ask for help about assignments,projects and stuff.
But be careful when giving out answers. We shall not be held responsible for your irresponsible doings. What a Face

*Forum standards are rated R-17.
- Your avatar may not contain nude or offensive images.
- Do not post naughty links or graven images.

-Pwede nga pala magtagalog kung gusto nyo... ehe,, :D

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